SHTF: All Retail in Italy CLOSED except Pharmacies & Grocers

Would you be prepared if this happened in your town?

Do you have the essentials to withdraw for 30 days or more?

You'd consider leaving for your cabin in the woods?  But what if travel routes were closed?

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Panic is the Enemy

Update: SHTF Directory will include extensive coverage of biological risks in general, and COVID-19 in particular, with contributions from several medical professionals, Johns Hopkins and the CDC as well.

The current state of affairs regarding COVID-19 should be a case study for everyone considering SHTF preparedness.  Quarantines are being imposed.  Global markets are crashing.  Manufacturing is being idled.  Just-in-Time delivery chains are already being stressed in the US.

Regardless of how lethal COVID-19 will or will not prove to be, the reality is that the security and health of your family is more likely to be imperiled by the reactions (and over-reactions) of large groups of people to the perceived threat of the disease, than by the disease itself.

This is when your preparations can - literally - save your life.  If you already have toilet paper, and food, and medications, et cetera, stockpiled for an occasion such as we are witnessing, you will not need to be out in the crowds scrambling for limited supplies.  You will not need to go to your pharmacy to pick up prescriptions - standing in lines with potentially infected people.  If quarantines are imposed on your neighborhood (as are being imposed on a national scale in Italy), your family will not be dependent upon food and relief trucks.

Large groups of frightened people are often far more dangerous than whatever is frightening them in the first place.  The entire premise to preparing for SHTF events is so that you and your family can stay out of that mayhem.

Panic is the enemy of survival.  When you have, in your home, everything you will need to remain safe, warm, dry, medicated, fed and hydrated for extended periods of time, there is no rational reason to panic.  When genuine threats are upon us, it is imperative to remain calm, to think and act prudently.  If we have prepared our homes, our cupboards and pantries, medicine cabinets, vehicles, pets and loved ones prior to a crisis - we keep panic where it belongs - at bay.

John Donovan