Thursday, January 16, 2020

SHTF Snow: Woman Buried in Car for 6 Days Found Alive

An Oroville woman with dementia who disappeared nearly a week ago was found alive inside of her sport utility vehicle Wednesday after being buried in snow in Butte County, officials said.

A helicopter from the Butte County Sheriff’s Office spotted an SUV just before noon near Butte Meadows that matched the description of a Toyota 4Runner belonging to 68-year-old Paula Beth James. The aircraft landed and a sergeant and a deputy hiked to the SUV, where they found James. The SUV was roughly 150 yards off the road on Skyway, officials said.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

SHTF: 1918 Flu Pandemic

In 1918, it is estimated that about 500 million people — or about one third of the world’s population — caught influenza, otherwise known at the time as the “Spanish Flu."

It was the deadliest disease outbreak in recorded history, with between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide being killed. In the United States alone, 675,000 died and the average life expectancy fell by about 12 years between 1917 to 1918.

The virus spread quickly because of World War I, with soldiers in close quarters passing the disease to one another then traveling far and wide, spreading the disease throughout the world. There was no vaccine at the time to protect against infection (the first licensed flu vaccine didn’t appear in the US until the 1940s) and there was no antiviral medication to treat it once infected.


Saturday, October 26, 2019

SHTF Blackout: Millions face power cuts as California fires spread

The state's largest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., said it expected to cut off power to 850,000 customers -- a precautionary shutdown that local media say would affect about two million people.


Friday, October 25, 2019

SHTF Fire: California Fires Force Tens of Thousands to Flee Near Los Angeles

The Tick Fire in Santa Clarita, just outside of Los Angeles, continued to expand overnight after it jumped State Road 14. The expansion forced additional evacuations in the Sand Canyon area and closed of portions of the highway.

10,000 structures are threatened by the fire, which already burned structures Thursday afternoon and triggered evacuation orders for 40,000 people.

Residents near the blaze quickly scrambled to evacuate their homes as the fire burned down hillsides and threatened to torch subdivisions.


Monday, October 21, 2019

SHTF Politics:

An elderly woman using a walker and her companion were blocked by a group of antifascist activists shouting, “Nazi scum, off our streets!” — and blocking the couple from entering a right-wing political rally, according to reports.

A widely circulated video shows the white-haired woman and a bearded man trying to cross a street toward Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, on Sunday when three masked protesters block their path, according to the CBC.

The protesters are seen shouting at the two as they try to inch toward an event featuring People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier.


SHTF Weather: Dallas Tornado

What's left of a Home Depot
after Dallas twister
Severe storms ripped through the South Sunday night into early Monday, spawning a damaging tornado in Dallas and contributing to the death of one person in Arkansas.

The National Weather Service said at around 9:30 p.m. CDT that it had visual confirmation of a tornado on the ground in northern Dallas. The tornado was first reported near Dallas Love Field Airport.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

SHTF Weather: Montana Governor Declares Emergency in Epic Early Snow storm

Heavy snowfall continued to create hazardous travel conditions and knock out power across the northern Rocky Mountains on Sunday.

Montana's Gov. Steve Bullock issued an executive order declaring an emergency in the state because of the severe early season storm.


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Tens of Thousands of D.C. Residents Left in the Dark Due to Power Outage

Tens of thousands of Washington, DC, residents were left in the dark due to a Saturday afternoon power outage.

Power company Pepco confirmed there was an outage via its social media accounts Saturday, saying that about 39,000 of its customers had been without power.


NBC 4 Washington reported that Howard University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center both lost power while city fire officials responded to many emergency calls throughout the city, most of them being due to trapped elevators.


Monday, July 8, 2019

SHTF Weather: Flash Flood Emergency Hits DC Area; Multiple Cars Stranded in High Water

Heavy rain drenched the D.C. area Monday, leading to dangerous flash flooding, stranding drivers in vehicles, felling trees and even leaking into some Metro stations.

A dangerous situation unfolded as fast-flowing water flooded many local roads. Multiple drivers quickly became stranded in high water, including a father who carried his two small daughters from a vehicle trapped in waist-deep floodwaters at Massachusetts Avenue and Goldsboro Road in Bethesda.

If your trip isn't necessary, delay going out until the rain subsides, local authorities and Storm Team4 warned.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Major snowstorm to snarl travel from St. Louis to Cincinnati this weekend

Motorists along the Interstate 64 and 70 corridors of the Plains and Midwest can expect a slow and dangerous journey as a snowstorm unfolds through Saturday.

For many areas, this will be a long-duration winter storm event that lasts more than 12 hours and perhaps as long as 48 hours in some cases. Over the central states alone, snow will fall on more than a 1,000-mile-long west-to-east swath.

Airline passengers in the central U.S. hubs from Denver to St. Louis, Cincinnati and Chicago can expect direct impacts due to snow with flight delays, changes and cancellations. Indirect impacts on flights can occur in Detroit, Minneapolis and Dallas and other smaller regional airports as crews and aircraft are displaced.

Heavy snow arrived in St. Louis early Friday afternoon, causing significant travel disruptions for the Friday evening commute. Some motorists were stuck on I-44 for hours due to widespread accidents and snow-covered highways.


Saturday, January 5, 2019

SHTF Weather: Accidents Shut Down 70-Mile Icy Stretch of I-90 in Washington State

The collisions and hazardous roads caused Snoqualmie Pass to shut down a 70-mile stretch of the interstate in both directions from North Bend to Ellensburg, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

I-90 westbound remained closed until approximately 12:30 p.m. PST Friday. Cleanup of vehicles and an oil spill along the eastbound side kept the interstate closed until 8 p.m. PST.



Thousands of travellers stranded for 8 hours or more - no food, water or exits available.  Do you keep a small food & water pack in your vehicle?  Do you keep your fuel tank at least half-full?

Be prepared.

Monday, December 31, 2018

SHTF Weather: New Year Could Begin With Snow Spreading From the Southern Rockies to the Southern Plains, Ozarks and Ohio Valley

A new storm will bring more heavy snow to the southern Rockies early this week and could spread wintry weather farther east from the southern Plains to the Ohio Valley and Northeast during the first few days of 2019.

Low pressure is expected to form over the Southwest as a sharp southward plunge of the jet stream moves into the region. There is high confidence that this setup will yield widespread snow in the southern Rockies, hampering travel in the region once again.

By mid-to-late week, the area of low pressure will move farther east through the nation's southern tier, potentially producing snow to north of where it tracks. This part of the forecast has a much higher amount of uncertainty and any snow will depend on the future path and evolution of the low-pressure system.


SHTF Crime w/ Random Victim: Texan Used Gun to Save Wife from Two Armed Robbers, Says Sheriff

A Katy, Texas, man used his gun to stop two armed robbers from stealing his wife’s purse when they came out of a grocery store. The man shot both of the alleged robbers, causing them to flee.

A couple from Katy went to a local bank and then their grocery store on Saturday afternoon. When they came out of the grocery store, two men approached them and pulled out guns as they demanded the woman surrender her purse, according to officials with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Katy is a suburban town located west of Houston.

Detectives called the two men “juggers” and said they watched the couple as they left the bank and went to the grocery store, KTRK ABC13 reported. As the couple left the grocery store, the two men pulled up in a black Cadillac SUV and parked in front of the couple’s vehicle.

Police say the two men exited the SUV and pulled their guns — demanding the woman surrender her purse. The woman’s husband, who was on the other side of their car, pulled his own handgun and opened fire on the two men. The two robbers reportedly returned fire.

The husband’s rounds struck both of the would-be robbers, forcing them to flee in their SUV.



Anyone, anywhere, at any time, can become the target of violence.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

SHTF Winter Storm Eboni: US winter storms kill seven

Winter Storm Eboni
Chicago (AFP) – Parts of the United States were digging out Saturday from winter storms that media reports said led to at least seven deaths, while warmer regions braced for potential flooding during the New Year’s travel period.

Hardest hit were parts of the northern Plains, the upper Midwest, and a southwestern region from Arizona to western Texas. As storm clouds moved east, they were set to bring heavy rain and probably flooding to the Gulf Coast, and both rain and freezing rain to New England.

Flight tracker FlightAware reported more than 129 flight cancellations and 1,006 delays Saturday — down from more than 500 cancelations and 5,700 delays on Friday — as the winter storm hit north-central and Midwestern states with up to 12 inches (30 centimeters) of snow.

In the southwestern state of New Mexico, forecasters called for up to 18 inches, with temperatures far below normal, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

Southeastern states braced for a deluge of rain, and millions in the South were warned of potential flooding.

– Mother Nature’s wrath –

Biloxi, Mississippi was soaked with five inches of rain. Tallahassee, Florida braced for three inches or more of rain just a week after being hit by eight inches, adding to fears of flooding, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

The weather contributed to several deaths during the week.

A 58-year-old woman in Louisiana was killed Wednesday when a tree struck by lightning fell on her home, according to TV station WDSU.

Friday, December 28, 2018

SHTF Winter Storm: Severe storm system that has already killed 2 moves toward Eastern US

(CNN) - Two people have died as a result of a severe storm system that caused blizzard conditions in the US Midwest and torrential rain and flood threats in the South.

The system dumped about a foot of snow in the Dakotas, Nebraska and Minnesota by Friday morning. It was forecast to bring heavy rain farther east Friday and cause messy travel conditions.
More than 11 inches of rain fell across some areas of Louisiana and Mississippi, where flash flood emergencies were issued overnight into Friday morning. More than 50 million people remained under flood and flash flood watches from Louisiana to New Jersey.

The snow across the northern Plains and upper Midwest was expected to wind down throughout Friday morning, but blowing snow was limiting visibility.

The storm system has caused major headaches for holiday travelers heading into the New Year's weekend.

Heavy rain and strong winds will combine to make travel difficult by air or road Friday in the parts of the East. Major delays are expected at airports in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta.



When dangerous weather hits your area it is always best to shelter in place if possible.  You can't control the weather, nor can you control how other people drive and behave, increasing risk.  If you must travel during storms, be sure your vehicle is suited for the likely hazards and environment.

SHTF Comms Failure: Communications outage disrupts 911 service in parts of the country

(CNN) - Emergency cell phone service in locations across the country has been disrupted by an outage at Louisiana-based communications company CenturyLink.

The company tweeted Friday morning it had "discovered some additional technical problems" as it worked on restoring service. The interruption began Thursday.

"We continue to make good progress with our recovery efforts and we are working tirelessly until restoration is complete," CenturyLink said.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai called the outage "completely unacceptable" in a statement. He said he spoke to CenturyLink about his concerns and has ordered an investigation.

"When an emergency strikes, it's critical that Americans are able to use 911 to reach those who can help," Pai said.


Sunday, December 23, 2018

SHTF Tsunami UPDATE: At Least 222 Killed and More Than 800 Wounded After Tsunami Strikes Indonesia While Anak Krakatau Volcano Erupts

Government officials from Indonesia say that at least 222 people were killed after a tsunami struck west of Jakarta. The tsunami may have been a result of an undersea landslide near the Anak Krakatau Volcano.

More than 800 people were reported injured after the tsunami hit at 9:27 p.m. Saturday, the Disaster Management Agency said. At least 28 others were missing, but the toll could continue to rise because some areas had not yet been reached.


SHTF Terrorism: ISIS threatens drone attacks against West after Gatwick Airport shut down by robot flying over runway

The tag-line says: "Sender: The Islamic State."

It comes after a drone near Gatwick Airport caused travel chaos with hundreds of flights cancelled.

The extremist group widely used drones bought over the counter when it was defending its so-called Caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Some were used for spy missions while others were adapted to drop grenades and bombs.

NYC is also threatened with attack.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

SHTF Tsunami: At Least 20 Killed, 165 Wounded After Possible Landslide-Driven Tsunami Hits Indonesia

Government officials from Indonesia say that at least 20 people were killed after a tsunami struck around the country's Java Island and the Sunda Strait. The tsunami may have been a result of an undersea landslide near the Krakatoa Volcano.

The national disaster management agency says 165 people were hurt and dozens of buildings were damaged Saturday night, according to the BBC.

The Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) in a separate statement said it could have been caused by undersea landslides from Anak Krakatau, a volcanic island formed over years from the Krakatau volcano, which last erupted in October.

The Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean.