The Book

Inside SHTF Directory

Release Date: July 4, 2020

Pre-Order Launch Date: April 19, 2020

Page Count: 350 - 400 Pages - 10 Sections & 50+ Features

Formats: Full Color Print Edition, eBook, Websites (including Video Showcases)

What the SHTF Directory is NOT:  The SHTF Directory is not a TEOTWAWKI or Doomsday project.  It is not a DIY guide for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse or fallout from Nuclear Armageddon.  It is not a How-To manual for snaring small game or starting a fire with primitive tools while angry hordes roam the area.

What is the SHTF Directory: A resource for the fundamental skills, gear and plans every family should have in place in the event of a local, regional or national emergency in which basic utilities and services may be unavailable for an unknown period of time.  Whether natural or man-made, most such emergencies are generally short-lived and offer minimal risk to most people, and are best endured in the home.  The SHTF Directory is a resource for helping families communicate with one another during emergencies, safely navigating their way to shelter, and remaining safe until the crisis has passed.

Some emergencies, such as wildfires, floods, severe storms, even civil unrest, may pose greater risks, and may call for the family to leave home and seek safety elsewhere.  The SHTF Directory is a resource to help families look ahead to potential challenges and prepare not only to survive, but to prevail. 

Book Premise: In order to secure the Emergency Priorities of Survival, the individual and family must be perpetually prepared to Shoot, Move & Communicate in an emergency.

   Emergency Essentials & the Rule of Threes:
  • Air - You can survive three minutes without breathable air or in icy water
  • Shelter - You can survive three hours in a harsh heat/cold environment 
  • Water - You can survive three days without drinkable water
  • Food - You can survive three weeks without food
   In order to secure the Emergency Essentials one must be prepared to:
  • Shoot (Self Defense)
  • Move  (Safely travel from Point A to Point B during a crisis)
  • Communicate (Gather & Disseminate Critical Information)

Sections of the Book:

 - Section I: Primers & Basics 

  • Emergency Essentials - Safe Air, Safe Shelter, Safe Water, Safe Food
  • Shoot, Move & Communicate - What it means...
  • 'SHOOT' Encompasses all Forms of Defense
  • 'MOVE' Encompasses all Facets of Getting from Point A to Point B
  • 'COMMUNICATE' Encompasses all Means of Gathering & Sharing Info
  • The Threats - Weather, Civil, Medical & more...
  • The OODA Loop - Assess the Threat & Act
  • To Bug Out or Bug In
  • Firearms are Tools
  • Beware Cognitive Biases
  • Essential Redundancies: Two is One & One is None
  • ...& more

 - Section II: Shoot - All Aspects of Defending Your Family

  • SHTF Firearms
  • SHTF Calibers
  • SHTF Combatives
  • SHTF Blades
  • SHTF Less-Than-Lethal Devices
  • The Scout Rifle
  • The AR-15: America's Rifle
  • The 1911
  • Holsters & Carry Rigs
  • Ammo Selection
  • ...& more

 - Section III: Move - Getting from Point A to Point B Safely

  • Fundamentals: Moving by Land, Sea & Air
  • Contingencies, Rendezvous Points & Protocols
  • Special Showcase: Factory Built SHTF Rigs - Trucks & SUVs
  • Special Showcase: Shade Tree SHTF Rigs - The B.E.A.S.T. Build (on a budget)
  • ATV & SxS
  • Motorcycles, Electric Cycles & Pedal Power
  • Snow Machines
  • Boats
  • Overlander Rigs & RVs
  • Moving by Air
  • Moving with Stealth
  • Night Vision & Optics
  • Packs & Bags
  • The Go Bag
  • The Get Home Bag
  • The EDC
  • The Medical Bag
  • Canine Gear
  • Kids Gear
  • SHTF Clothing Essentials
  • Navigation - GPS & Compass
  • Flashlights
  • ...& more

 - Section IV: Communicate - Gathering & Sharing Information

  • The Family Plan for Communicating in a Crisis
  • Emergency Radios
  • Computers
  • Scanners
  • 2-Way Tactical Radios 
  • The CB
  • Long Range Radio
  • Basic Codes & Hand Signals
  • Satellite Comms & Internet
  • Smartphones
  • Drones
  • ...& more

 - Section V: SHTF Essential Skillsets - What You Must Know

  • Navigating without GPS
  • Food Essentials & Water Purification
  • Self Defense
  • First Aid
  • ...& more

 - Section VI: Preparing the Home for SHTF

  • Special Showcase: The SHTF H.A.R.D. Home Project - Hardening a typical American Home from top to bottom for SHTF
  • Make Your Home the Least Vulnerable on the Block
  • Making Your Home Storm Safe
  • The Shelter-in-Place Option
  • The Essential K9
  • Home - The Safest Place (usually)
  • Gun Safes & Vaults
  • Safe Rooms
  • Storm Safe Rooms
  • Generators
  • Food & Water Preps
  • Medical Preps
  • Securing the Home 
  • Security Systems
  • Security Lighting
  • Heating when Utilities are Down
  • Keeping the Air in your Home Fresh & Safe
  • Cash, Gold, Silver
  • ...& more

 - Section VII: The Bugout Option

  • Is Bugging Out Prudent
  • The Bugout Location
  • How to get there - Safely!
  • ...& more

 - Section VIII: Recce Expeditions & Gun Days

  • Several Recce Expeditions with groups of writers, photographers & videographers to showcase gear in the field - from trucks to tents to everything else.  Destinations include Glacier National Park, Mt. Rainier, Yellowstone, Puget Sound, and more
  • 'Gun Days' with groups of writers, photographers & videographers to showcase SHTF firearms on the range, off the range, and in tactical drills

- Section IX: Gear Showcase & Catalog

 - Section X: Brand & Retailer Directory